Project Overview:

case-study-img-1This scheme created a valuable development platform for 158 homes in this prime south east commuter town on a previously derelict site.  It involved regeneration, flood alleviation, remediation, access improvement and amenity enhancements. It also provided protection for 200 existing properties and a school from flooding.

Extensive early collaborative work with key stakeholders was critical in order to develop a cost-effective and acceptable scheme that met the remediation, flood protection, environmental enhancement and commercial development objectives.

The project required the remediation of a 12ha historic landfill, including the extensive treatment of 100,000m3 of material in compliance with the CLAIRE protocol. It was needed in order to remove potential pollutant sources from the site and provide long term protection to the Hoe Stream and create a viable residential development platform.

The site was completed in phases, having been remediated to the satisfaction of the local Environmental Health Officer and Environment Agency, and resulted in the disposal of only 700m³ (0.64%) of material.