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Outstanding houses go hand in hand with off-site manufacturing

A key factor in our collaboration with VolkerWessels, is the ability to deliver bespoke, one of a kind, factory-produced homes. Known under the brand MorgenWonen – which literally translates as ‘Tomorrow Living’ – WoollensBrook Developments has the exclusivity to develop and building this future-proof design for the residential market in the United Kingdom.

We will be starting to build the first MorgenWonen houses, fully compliant with UK standards (NHBC and BOPAS), in February 2021. You can rely on a  risk-free build method – as buying a new home should never be an experiment. The first 12 houses, designed by PRP Architects, will be ‘assembled’ on site, as part of our project, Boxwood Park, in Hoddesdon.

for those who seek opportunities

Ideal homes for investors

MorgenWonen houses offer investors the opportunity to be involved in the whole process – from development, financing, planning and design, through to project management, delivery and management. All of these have made MorgenWonen a very attractive proposition for the private rental sector and housing associations.

The houses are manufactured from materials which require limited maintenance during the whole life cycle of the home, resulting in a very low Total Cost of Ownership. The zero to minimum energy costs give the investor and occupants a comfortable and stable living environment, without the worry of rising energy prices.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

MorgenWonen houses are built in an environmentally and sustainably conscious way and are extremely energy efficient. The energy concept of the MorgenWonen houses follows the principles of Trias Energetica: limit energy consumption as much as possible, use sustainable energy and reduce the consumption of fossil raw materials as far as possible.

The manufacturing methods used in the creation of the MorgenWonen houses ensure they are very well insulated. The shell of the house is almost completely airtight, and temperatures remain constant and comfortable all year round.

The Air Source Heat Pumps, in the houses, extract heat directly from the surrounding air and upgrade it to a usable level for the occupants. In combination with the solar panels, this is a reliable and sustainable heating system.

As the MorgenWonen houses are extremely energy efficient, an average, energy conscious family, should be able to significantly reduce their energy costs to an almost negligible level. The energy usage can be monitored, via an energy monitor and Smart Meter, both of which are supplied to the home owners to ensure they have insight into their own energy consumption.

How the Dutch house is equipped and assembled



- -
Foundation: precast piles and beams


- -
Floors: Plug & Play elements with cavity for Installation of M&E


- -
The silent concrete core staircase brings stability and functions as a vertical pipe duct.


- -
Separation wall elements: dimensionally stable concrete with anchorless cavity


- -
Facade elements: high isolated panels with mortared masonry work


- -
Roof: high isolated elements with roof tiles


- -
Solar panels: the sunny side of the roof is sustainably covered with high-quality solar panels


- -
Toilet and bathroom: Plug & Play pre-manufactured pods finished with high-quality materials and sanitary ware


- -
Toilet and bathroom: Plug & Play pre-manufactured pods finished with high-quality materials and sanitary ware


- -
Building services pod: all the installations quietly combined in one unit on the second floor. The unit contains parts of the Air Source Heat Pump with boiler tank, a UTP connection, the inverter for the solar panels, the Air Heat Recovery System, the pressure vessel and the distributers for the floor heating


- -
Drainage, electrical installation and mechanical ventilation riser: Plug & Play without risk of damage


- -
Backyard: even the external storage, grass and patio is Plug & Play


- -
In the spacious hall are the Smart meter cupboard including fuse box, the toilet, a practical niche for the coat rack and the stairs to the first floor


- -
The rigid concrete staircase is whisper-quiet and finished with durable, low-maintenance floor covering


- -
The garden-oriented living room with open plan kitchen is spacious and light and equipped with under floor heating as standard


- -
The kitchen has an open connection with the living room. The high-quality kitchen is delivered ready for use and is equipped with A-brands


- -
The house has three bedrooms on the first floor (including one master bedroom).


- -
The walls are nicely plain finished, and the floors are covered with beautiful low-maintenance floor covering


- -
The loft on the second floor has enough space for an extra bedroom. Here you also find the connection, supply and disposal for the washing machine

The platform principles

All the components are Plug & Play. Each home is windproof and watertight within a single day and ready for living within 10 days. And when we say “Ready for Living”, we really mean it, without the usual “snagging” of new construction builds. Due to the lack of wet trades, there is no moisture build-up in the home from the outset. All walls and floors are finished, and the house is fully equipped with a high-quality kitchen, beautiful bathroom and a patio in the back garden.

A key success factor of MorgenWonen is that it is factory produced enabling a spectacular reduction in construction time. Building actually becomes assembling, which minimises the loss of interest or income until occupation.

With MorgenWonen there are fewer transport movements to and from the construction site, less use of concrete, less construction waste and the construction site is much more compact. This  results in fewer CO2 and NOX emissions, less traffic pressure, more environmentally friendly use of raw materials and less nuisance to the neighbourhood.

MorgenWonen is an advanced technology-based product, created on an industrial platform, under optimally controlled conditions and low additional costs. The houses consist of smart components – the platform elements. With this, MorgenWonen offers a highly tested total solution for every possible project. The industrial platform makes it possible to constantly offer high-quality houses, at an attractive fixed price, even on small projects. Compare it with a car that is delivered from the factory to the consumer.

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